Rage! Business Office Xchange

Rage! Business Office Xchange is our enterprise level solution for providing standards based telecommunications services. Based on Open Source, this Free product is designed, installed and maintained with services from SIP Telecom. SIP Telecom has built a business of services around the open source concept, allowing business to utilize open source products, with enterprise level support to provide a safe, and trusted solution for your business.



Polycom Telephones

Polycom is the largest independent manufacturer of phones today. Their phones are known for their outstanding conference capability, along with being extremely reliable. Compatible with over 100 phone system, phones represent the largest investment in your telecommunications infrastructure, and Polycom provides exceptional investment protection.


Epygi Gateways

Epygi Gateways allows us to provide extremely reliable Primary Rate Interface T1 service to your building, that is converted to the latest standards to provide best in class phone lines, with best in class Telecom Equipment.


Phybridge POE bridge

Most of our competitors will gladly offer to rewire your entire office space for new phones. We like to re-use your current cable infrastructure on your new phone system. Phybridge allows us to run Power Over Ethernet over your current cable facilities. Cost effective, Phybridge allows you to use what you have today, and wire when remodeling or upgrading facilities makes it more cost effective.

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